Reach out for a qualified adviser from a regulated business

Reach out for a qualified adviser from a regulated business

Wealth managers and financial advisers offer unbiased solutions, these include

Investment management
Savings Plans
Life insurance
Corporate solutions
Tax planning
Retirement planning
… and many more areas

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Why we launched this website?

This website has been created to ensure that UAE residents only approach and use firms which have taken the trouble to be regulated and avoid businesses which flout local laws. Therefore the team behind this website have introduced the following code of conduct

Qualifying criteria

1. We will take off this website, whether or not they are a featured firm, any business which has its license suspended or withdrawn. Once we have evidence their license has been reinstated they will go back on the website

2. We will prevent any advisory firm from being featured if they are actively involved in cold calling. This is because it’s an outdated practice which harms the sector as a whole

3. We won’t allow any advertising unless the company involved is organising an event and/ or conference which are designed to educate UAE residents. We will however, from time to time, allow advertisements from service providers who have the regulatory approvals to deal directly with the public

4. We reserve the right not to add a financial adviser or firm if they have court cases against them and/ or their reputation is questionable

5. We reserve the right to profile individual advisers who don’t work for a firm which is profiled on this website. To qualify they must work for a regulated firm, be qualified above level 4 and be a member of a recognised industry professional body

6. We won’t allow satellite firms of a regulated firm, or any of their advisers, to be profiled on this website

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Don’t fall for it

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