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The Insurance Authority (IA) is responsible for regulating the insurance industry including Insurance companies and insurance brokers.

The Insurance Authority (IA) was established under the Federal Law No. 6 of 2007 with a legal personality and financial and administrative independence.

The Federal Law No. 6, which came into force during 2007, entrusted the Authority to regulate and supervise the insurance sector in the United Arab Emirates in order to ensure the provision of a favorable climate for its development and promote the role of the insurance industry to indemnify persons, property and liabilities against risks to ultimately protect the national economy; accumulate and grow national savings and invest them to support the economic development in the UAE; encourage fair and effective competition; provide the best insurance services with appropriate coverage at affordable rates, and achieve job Emiratization in the UAE insurance market.


The Insurance broker licence covers all activities related to the advising and sale of insurance products issued by Insurance Authority licensed insurers. Commission is paid by the IA-licensed insurer in respect of the placement of the insurance product with the client. Brokers will often provide certain pre and post-sale support services to clients however these should not be charged for separately.

Brokers are authorised to broker in respect of both life and property/liability insurance though it is common practice for individual brokers to specialise in one or more related product lines.

The Insurance Authority is expected to issue a new life insurance regime soon, once enacted, the regime will require the compulsory registration of all individual brokers who wish to advise and sell life insurance products.

Insurance products issued by IA-licensed insurers can only be sold by IA-licensed brokers.

Insurance consultants are licensed to provide consultation services such as risk assessment, coverage gap reporting as well as to manage an insured’s ongoing coverage. Consultants are not however licensed to ‘broker’, that is, to sell, insurance products to clients. Importantly, consultation services must be paid for in the form of fees from the clients being serviced rather than the insurance companies issuing the products.

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